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Thern® Winches & Cranes

Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

Thern, Inc. is an industry-leading winch and crane manufacturer based in Winona, MN, that specializes in lifting, pulling, positioning, and tensioning solutions. Upholding a legacy built on innovation since 1948, the company has leveraged decades of continuous research, development, and testing to establish a worldwide reputation for toughness, versatility, and reliability. Distributor name is pleased to carry Thern products to help you get your job done right.


Thern Product Lines

Proudly Made in the USA


Portable Davit Cranes

With capacities of up to 2,000 lbs, Thern’s portable davit cranes are lightweight, economical, comfortable to carry, and easy to use. Take advantage of convenient features like multiple boom lengths and angles, as well as tool-less setup and disassembly. 


Heavy-Duty Davit Cranes

Thern’s stationary and transportable davit cranes are built to handle massive loads of up to 5,500 lbs. Features include but are not limited to 360° rotation, adjustable booms for high lifts/long reach, and corrosion-resistant finishes.

Electric Power Winches

When you need serious winch power, don’t settle for less than the best. Thern’s electric power winches can handle up to 120,000 lbs, traverse long distances, and accommodate rapid line speeds to give you ultimate control.

Hand Winches

If you need to move loads up to 10,000 lbs without a power source, you can count on Thern hand winches. Built to last, these winches feature automatic brakes for positive load control and adjustable handles to increase your mechanical advantage.


Air Winches

High heat, bitter cold, salt, sand, dirt, and grime are no match for Thern’s air winches. You can handle up to 37,000 lbs with confidence in even the harshest environments where pneumatic power is available.

Hydraulic Winches

While the 4771HY hydraulic winch has a maximum capacity of 2,000 lbs, almost any of Thern’s electric winches can be custom engineered with hydraulic capabilities and custom controls, such as a fully hydraulic manual lever or electric solenoid control.

Control Systems

Take command of your load with a push of a button. Constructed with only high-quality UL components, choose from single-speed, variable-speed, and custom control systems.

Ropes & Rigging

We’ll help you choose the perfect accessories so that your winch or crane can perform at its best, from galvanized stainless steel or synthetic rope to vertical lead blocks to suit your specific application.

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