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Handling Systems, Inc. offers ergonomic and below the hook lifting devices to meet our client’s material handling needs. Based on application requirements, we can provide the best solution that improves productivity and safety.


Our ergonomic product offering includes:

  • Workstation Cranes

  • Gorbel G-Force & Easy Arm Intelligent Lifting Devices

  • Vacuum Tube Lifters

  • Roll Manipulators

  • Conco & Posi-Tech Manipulators

  • Scissor Lifts

  • Zero Gravity Lifters & Balancers

  • Material Handling Equipment


Handling Systems, Inc. specializes in custom design below the hook, lift assist, and lift devices. We will integrate them with overhead cranes, g-force, easy arm, workstation cranes, jibs, balancers and hoists. This will provide the customer with the ability to grip, flip, rotate, reach in-out-or under the product to be handled.

Ergonomic Force G Gorbel

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